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We rebult the app - new design, new experience

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Win win for shops and customers

AboutChris - 17 Mar 2020, German App Store
The app is the perfect complement to a successful shopping experience. I've never had problems and from the business side, it is a good opportunity to create engagement.

Unbelievably practical!

DarkpandaxX Hjsj - 17 Mar 2020, Germany
You just go to your favorite site/brand, order something, post it in your Story and you get ones back! You can always reach someone from the team when there are questions and the design is great as well!

Best reward app for fashion!

ldojsbddvd - 3 Feb 2020, German App Store
I had my doubts in the beginning. But just after 2 minutes after the developer saw my Story, I got the reward - insane!

Great idea!

blugmax - 17 Mar 2020, German App Store
Very simple concept and perfectly realized. You can't only save money with the Stories you post already, you also get rid of all these questions: Where is the product from? What's the name? :D

I find the app great!

EgaleLeo - 22 Mar 2020, Germany
Let's get serious - 15% is not little of a discount and it's already something. Of course, there are not the same discounts for every shop, but you want to buy something anyway, and then saving money is a cool thing.

Who doesn't have this app...

John1567893 - 5 Feb 2020, German App Store
Really user-friendly built, everything is explained and easy to use, and if you do want to ask something there is always someone reachable. I already enjoyed the really fast reward multiple times!

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